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State of Texas: Department of Information Resources
Staff Augmentation (ITSAC) DIR-TSO-3516

Nipun Systems Inc, a Texas Certified HUB, is pleased to be one of the vendors selected to contract with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) to provide Information Technology Staff Augmentation services (Contract No. DIR-TSO-3516). Agencies may choose staff from a list of pre-qualifies vendors, either through competitive solicitation or Best Value by going directly to a vendor.
ITSAC provides for temporary IT staffing augmentation services on a time (hourly) basis. Contracted staff renders services and are paid on an hourly basis. ITSAC is a DIR Cooperative Contract.
Services and Pricing Offered
Under the ITSAC contract, Nipun Systems offers these services to all DIR customers.
Our Competency in terms of Resource Management / staff augmentation of IT Resources is as follows:

       Business Analyst
       Database Administrator
       Database Architect
       Data Warehouse Architect
       Developer Analyst
       Enterprise Architect
       Help Desk
       Network Administrator
       Network Engineer
       Project Lead
       Project Manager
       Software Test Analyst
       System Analyst
       Technical Support
       Technical Writer
       Security Analyst/Architect

Not-to-Exceed Rate ($ per hour)
Technology Type
NTE RateNTE RateNTE Rate
Programmer/ Developer Analyst
Developer Analyst 1$76.42$73.45$76.56
Developer Analyst 2$81.63$85.98$96.52
Developer Analyst 3$104.21$100.40$113.53
Developer 1$72.95$71.20$75.01
Developer 2$86.84$83.75$94.26
Developer 3$99.00$97.25$109.39
Software Test Analyst
Software Test Analyst 1$60.79$65.28$71.39
Software Test Analyst 2$65.88$71.07$82.57
Software Test Analyst 3$76.46$81.99$96.43
Technical Writer
Technical Writer 1$48.17$51.98$56.19
Technical Writer 2$56.90$61.03$65.57
Technical Writer 3$66.11$69.01$76.10
Business Analyst
Business Analyst 1$64.68$70.15$76.40
Business Analyst 2$85.10$87.06$90.01
Business Analyst 3$105.94$105.94$106.02
System Analyst
System Analyst 1$65.25$65.45$81.37
System Analyst 2 $75.77$87.03$95.50
System Analyst 3$88.43$102.47$106.40
Data Management
Database Architect
Database Architect 1$79.58$76.68$83.38
Database Architect 2$93.42$95.23$97.31
Database Architect 3$121.58$130.26$130.26
Data Warehouse Architect
Data Warehouse Architect 1$88.23$88.58$88.58
Data Warehouse Architect 2$96.88$97.26$101.25
Data Warehouse Architect 3$118.10$118.10$118.44
Database Administration
Database Administrator 1$78.16$80.16$86.63
Database Administrator 2$83.04$93.61$101.54
Database Administrator 3$102.47$116.37$118.72
Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect
Enterprise Architect 1$128.52$130.04$143.75
Enterprise Architect 2$154.58$168.47$167.51
Project Management
Project Manager
Project Manager 1$84.93$96.73$105.63
Project Manager 2$103.67$116.33$125.20
Project Lead
Project Lead 1$80.84$87.16$94.07
Project Lead 2$95.42$108.37$116.95
Network Engineer
Network Engineer 1$77.02$88.58$99.07
Network Engineer 2$94.21$113.31$123.18
Network Administrator
Network Administrator 1$55.97$57.67$65.73
Network Administrator 2$65.75$76.42$87.15
Network Administrator 3$62.82$82.15$90.78
Security Analyst
Security Analyst 1$88.66$99.99$111.48
Security Analyst 2$100.51$113.22$126.76
Security Engineer
Security Engineer$105.78$119.46$135.03
Security Achitect
Security Achitecht$128.25$161.97$161.97
Customer Technical Support
Help Desk
Help Desk 1$39.95$42.98$47.11
Help Desk 2$47.00$53.12$55.08
Help Desk 3$54.92$58.60$63.58
Technical Support
Technical Support 1$46.13$42.00$57.23
Technical Support 2$56.73$58.71$66.58
Technical Support 3$63.20$67.80$76.38
Information Technology Service
Management (ITSM Operations)
Organization Change
Management/OCM Analyst
OCM Analyst 1$90.31$90.31$90.31
OCM Analyst 2$119.84$119.84$119.84
IT Marketing
Information Technology
Communications Coordinators
IT Communiations Coordinator 1$57.31$57.31$57.31
IT Communications Coordinator 2$81.63$81.63$81.63
Information Technology Training
IT End Users Trainer
End User Trainer 1$76.42$76.42$76.42
End User Trainer 2$100.73$100.73$100.73
Information Technology
Contract Management
IT Contract Manager
IT Contract Manager 1$97.26$97.26$97.26
IT Contract Manager 2$118.10$118.10$118.10

Contact Information
For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information, please contact Nipun Systems at our Austin, TX office. Our address and phone number are:
Hari Maralla
10105 Swan Valley Ln, Austin, Texas 78759
Phone: 512-466-8357 or 512-850-6797
Fax: 866-628-7535
E-mail: hari@nipunsys.com

Vendor ID: 1640959178700
To order services under the ITSAC contract, fill out and submit this form to DIR or You can email us and we will follow-up: http://dir.texas.gov/View-Contracts-And-Services/Pages/Content.aspx?id=13
To order DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview, Please Reference following URL: http://dir.texas.gov/View-About-DIR/Pages/Content.aspx?id=41